Lips Painted Blue

About the Series

Sean Wyman

Lips Painted Blue - An Animated Series was conceived one evening while Sean Wyman, a patient who has had a diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension for over a decade, was thinking about how to better support children with the same disease. Being part of the Young Adult Advisory Board, he realized that there was a lack of various materials for certain demographics. Having parents who are both teachers, Sean thought that the next best targeted group was children; and what do all children like--cartoons. And so Lips Painted Blue - An Animated Series became his brain child.

Quickly Sean began contacting friends who were active in animation, voice over, and production. He did not realize how lofty the goal would be, but after several conversations with the lead animator, Phil Harding, Lips Painted Blue - An Animated Series began to develop. The next thing necessary was funding, the Pulmonary Hypertension Association was soliciting individuals in the PH community suggesting they apply for the Tom Lantos Innovation in Community Service Award. After considering his options, and inquiring with parents of children with PH, Sean decided to apply for the funds.

Lips Painted Blue - An Animated Series is the personal account of Jeremy, a young male who has pulmonary hypertension. You will be able to journey with him through his experience before diagnosis racing his brother Shane in the backyard, to the Dr. Richardson's medical office to learn about the disease, whisked into the life of Jeremy as he begins his transformation as one that perservers over his pulmonary hypertension and finally he will introduce you to several of his friends, that like him, have perservered and made triumphant successes over their pulmonary hypertension as well.

We hope that these short videos are utilized as inspirational and educational pieces for children, parents, and clinicians. We hope that these will help everyone realize that PH is not a defining factor of a child, and that anyone can strive to reach their goals.

Pulmonary Hypertension Association This project was supported by a Tom Lantos Innovation in Community Service Award.
PHA's Tom Lantos Innovation in Community Service Award is funded by Gilead.